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Women in Business WA (WIBWA) is a unique community of business women from various backgrounds who enjoy connecting and referring business.

We have a team mentality of reciprocal sharing all while we build positive connections and friendships.  WIBWA has built an expansive digital footprint that can help you too.  Marketing and advertising is our speciality.  You do not have to do this alone while building your profile and expanding your business.

Women in Business WA along Vorian Agency offer professional marketing strategies for our members business.  We advertise and refer business for women from ALL backgrounds ~ 

Entertainers ~ SME ~ Corporate ~ Entrepreneurs ~ Professionals

just to name a few ~

WIBWA gives your profile and brand an authentic boost in the following ways…

  • Market across many Social Media platforms and expand your digital footprint.
  • Women in Business WA Directory is well respected and fully optimised so being seen in this list can bring about many opportunities from people seeking your services and need a recommendation from us.
  • We offer a closed Members Group on Facebook so you can freely ask questions, advertise your events and swap expertise.
  • Brand development, marketing, advertising, strategies and introductions.
  • Our Top-Tier Members host events in conjunction with Women in Business WA so we can deliver a quality experience while exposing their uniqueness.  
  • Women in Leadership roles, speakers and non-for-profits join us to share their knowledge and increase brand profile as Influencers in their niche.

Women who run their own business or who represent a business join this community to advertise and expand their networks. 

They enjoy sharing, inspiring and encouraging each other to reach a level of success that would not normally be found by building business connections alone.  

Imagine having more than 100 Business Women referring your business, products or services!  It does happen!

Business Women Western Australia invites you to join us today!  

Let us help you share your story, build your profile and refer your business!


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